Asset & Identification Tags

Discover our Asset & Identification Tags, where efficiency meets security in inventory management, asset tracking, and theft prevention across various industries. Choose from four robust materials: Destructible Vinyl, Silver Tamper Evident – Void, Matte Silver Polyester, and White Polyester.

Enhance security with consecutive numbering, barcodes, QR codes, text, and/or logos. Our tags offer a selection of 15 Standard Ink Colors or 9 Premium Ink Colors, ensuring long-life durability, crisp clear print, and exceptional scratch and smudge resistance.

Please be aware that a minimum quantity of 250 is required for orders. These asset tags serve as an excellent labeling solution to safeguard your equipment and inventory. Each tag comes with adhesive and requires a minimum of 48 hours to fully adhere, ensuring a reliable and secure asset management solution for your business.

Customer Reviews

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Great selection. Online ordering was super easy. Shipped promptly.

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This was our first time ordering and everything was fantastic. Staff was very helpful in adjusting our image, and when I realized I made an error on the date staff was quick to fix it for me. We will be ordering from you again.

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Very pleased with the quality. The size is consistent. The colors are vibrant and the coating has no voids, discernable scratches or other blemishes. All in all I am very pleased with my purchase!

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The website was easy to use and my order came out great!

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